FTDR laynard Series Adhesive

Product Code:            FTDRlaynard

Usage:                         Attached to jeweler or other small theft-attractive merchandise                                         using the accompany lanyard.

Frequency:                  58KHZ

Label Length:             52.5 +- 0.3mm

Label Width:              10 +- 0.2 mm

Label Thickness:         1.7+- 0.2 mm

Housing:                     PVC

Resonators:                 2 Proprietary magnetic resonators

Lamination:                PET

Bias:                            Proprietary semi-hard magnetic material

Adhesive:                   PET single-coated adhesive

Release Liner:             No Liner

Labels per Sheet:        76 pcs

Box:                            3000 pcs per box

Weight:                       1.8 kg